QUBSQueen's University Biology Station
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They appreciate the QUBs because they don't have to send someone to the bank while their shops are open and staff is needed, he said.
Caption: Yvonne Moten, a remote customer service representative with First Arkansas Bank & Trust in Jacksonville, has been trained as an operator for FAB&T's QUBs, a technology that lets the bank provide traditional teller services through devices that are akin to advanced ATMs.
First Arkansas Bank & Trust of Jacksonville opened its first Conway branch last week, and the branch will be home to half the QUB machines the bank has deployed to offer customers more convenience along with the personal touch that tellers provide.
The QUB machines (pronounced "cube") look like ATMs but have software that lets tellers in a remote location control transactions and talk to customers through a live video feed.
Customers can use a QUB to do almost anything they'd normally need to walk into a bank branch or go to a drive-through teller window to do--the most obvious being cashing a check.
In addition, unlike an ATM, the QUB can be directed by a teller to give exact change and to give change in whatever form the customer requests.
QUBS has been a pivotal part of research and teaching at Queen's for more than six decades and hosts researchers from both Canadian and international institutions.