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QUESTCentre for Quantum Engineering and Space-Time Research (Hannover, Germany)
QUESTQuality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications
QUESTQualifying Employee Share Ownership Trust
QUESTQuality Engineered Software and Testing (conference)
QUESTQuantifying and Understanding the Earth System (University of Bristol; UK)
QUESTQuantum Entanglement Science and Technology (US DARPA)
QUESTQuantum Entanglement Science and Technology
QUESTQuality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow (Canada)
QUESTQuality Unemployment System Transformation (Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance)
QUESTQuality Utilization and Enrichment of Student Talents (Leander Independent School District)
QUESTQuantum Entangled States of Trapped Particles
QUESTQueuing Event Simulation Tool (software)
QUESTQ and U Extra-Galactic Sub-mm Telescope (UK)
QUESTQUerying for EnzymeS using the Three-hybrid system
QUESTQuality Electrical Systems Test
QUESTQuarterly European Simulation Tool
QUESTQuery, Update Entry, Search, Time Sharing System
QUESTQuality Enhancement Simulation Training
QUESTQuery Evaluation and Search Technique
QUESTQuality Engineering and Software Technologies Private Ltd
QUESTQuaid-a-Awam University of Engineering Science and Technology (Pakistan)
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For three days he continued his quest, until he had come to a part of the jungle in which he never before had been.
The party had scarcely encamped on the afternoon of the 28th, when two of the hunters who had sallied forth in quest of game came galloping back in great alarm.
Their white robes lengthen as the winter advances, and spread themselves far into the plain, driving the buffalo in herds to the banks of the river in quest of food; where they are easily slain in great numbers.
One clue might lead us far, With but a spark of hope to guide our quest.
OEDIPUS What trouble can have hindered a full quest, When royalty had fallen thus miserably?
For Sir Richard, also, had been with the King to the Holy Land, and they had gone on many adventurous quests together.
Here he remained all the succeeding day, as well to give time for the Crows to get in the advance, as for the stragglers, who had wandered away in quest of water two days previously, to rejoin the camp.
And the human voice, the voice of a god, issuing from the throat of the tiny, snow-white bird, had made Michael go back on his haunches, while, with eyes and nostrils, he quested the steerage for the human who had spoken.
This one went forth in quest of truth as a hero, and at last got for himself a small decked-up lie: his marriage he calleth it.
With characteristic zeal Sir Madok had plunged away at once upon this quest, and after three hours of awful crosslot riding had overhauled his game.
The object of our quest had gradually dropped out of my mind; this sudden resurrection of it made it seem quite a real and startling thing for a moment, and roused up in me a smart interest.
Having thus, with hot haste and speed, brought to a conclusion these never-till-now-seen ceremonies, Don Quixote was on thorns until he saw himself on horseback sallying forth in quest of adventures; and saddling Rocinante at once he mounted, and embracing his host, as he returned thanks for his kindness in knighting him, he addressed him in language so extraordinary that it is impossible to convey an idea of it or report it.