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QUIQuiché (Guatemala territorial division)
QUIQuantitative Ultrasound Index (bone density)
QUINavigation Lights are Working (radiotelegraphy)
QUIQuasi-Uniform Index
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"Le coeur se sature d'amour comme d'un sel divin qui le
conserve; de la l'incorruptible adherence de ceux qui se
"Qui vive?" demanded a stern, quick voice, which sounded like a challenge from another world, issuing out of that solitary and solemn place.
"Qui vive?" repeated the same voice, which was quickly followed by the rattling of arms, and a menacing attitude.
Better saith he, qui finem vitae extremum inter munera ponat naturae.
"Young man," resumed the archdeacon, "at the king's last entry, there was a young gentleman, named Philippe de Comines, who wore embroidered on the housings of his horse this device, upon which I counsel you to meditate: Qui non laborat, non manducet ."
Dom Claude shook his wrinkled head: " Qui non laborat --"
Tout vient a point a celui qui sait attendre.* And there were as many advisers there as here..." he went on, returning to the subject of "advisers" which evidently occupied him.
He sat like a man who is perpetually on the qui vive.
Hi non sunt homines; sunt animalia qui nos habemus--vivisected.
"LA MUSIQUE," says Marmontel, in those "Contes Moraux" {*1} which in all our translations, we have insisted upon calling "Moral Tales," as if in mockery of their spirit -- "la musique est le seul des talents qui jouissent de lui-meme; tous les autres veulent des temoins." He here confounds the pleasure derivable from sweet sounds with the capacity for creating them.
Sans rentrer dans les details de cette affaire, qui a fait et qui ne cesse de faire couler beaucoup d'encre, a cause de l'interpretation de loi datant de 1954, du temps du protectorat, une loi vieillie de 65 ans, peu coherente avec la realite d'aujourd'hui, mais aussi a cause d'une opacite qui ne dit pas son nom.