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QUICCQuad Integrated Communications Controller
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The QUICC Engine[TM] technology supports a wide range of protocols, and it operates independently from the core processor.
CoreNet and QUICC Engine are trademarks of Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
Fast-path operations are implemented in CPM or QUICC Engine microcode and aggressively optimized for maximum performance.
The QUICC System aids hospitals and ambulatory centers in identifying and documenting their standards of care.
Freescale's new QorIQ P1012 and P1021 processors deliver highly efficient multiprotocol processing by integrating the latest QUICC Engine technology alongside one or two 800 MHz cores based on Power Architecture[R] technology.
The QSpan will provide us with a glueless interface between Motorola's peripheral intensive QUICC processor and our embedded PCI system bus.
And the QUICC Engine block's enhanced interworking is designed to ease the transition from ATM to IP-based systems while reducing investment costs.
Freescale's MPC8323E processor with integrated QUICC Engine[TM] technology leads the industry in its support of a wide range of communications protocols for next-generation access devices, particularly in its ability to minimize the power requirements for bandwidth-intensive processing tasks," said Doug Makishima, vice president of marketing and sales at D2 Technologies.
Work at the center will also contribute significantly to the creation of next-generation RF power products, and it will help to advance microcode technology for Freescale's QUICC Engine[TM] architecture.
It also integrates QUICC Engine[TM] communications controller technology that delivers programmability on par with FPGA technologies and offers the flexibility to support evolving communications standards.
Freescale's QUICC Engine[TM] technology enables network termination, and the AMC platform supports a variety of interface technologies including the Gigabit, Serial I/O and Rapid IO[TM] interconnect standards.