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QUILTQuestioning and Understanding to Improve Learning and Thinking
QUILTQuality in Information and Learning Technology (educational initiative; UK)
QUILTQuinnipiac University Information Literacy Tutorial (Hamden, CT)
QUILTQuantification and Interpretation of Long Term Ultraviolet-Visible Observations of the Stratosphere
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Anna Mikhaylovna looked attentively at the sick man's eyes, trying to guess what he wanted; she pointed first to Pierre, then to some drink, then named Prince Vasili in an inquiring whisper, then pointed to the quilt.
The patches are of all shapes and sizes, so a patchwork quilt is a very pretty and gorgeous thing to look at.
We never have used my grandmother's many-colored patchwork quilt, handsome as it is, for we Munchkins do not care for any color other than blue, so it has been packed away in the chest for about a hundred years.
So I cut up the quilt," continued Margolotte, "and made from it a very well-shaped girl, which I stuffed with cotton-wadding.
That highly-gratified lady sent word back that she had one just like it to spare, so the tobacco king got his quilt after all, and insisted on having it spread on his bed, to the disgust of his fashionable wife.
Lynde's quilts served a very useful purpose that winter.
She was awfully nice when I asked her for her name for the quilt," protested Cecily, "and she took a ten-cent section after all.
And the Governor wants you to put his name on the quilt square, too, in the ten-cent section.
Yes, there it lay on the sofa under the quilt, but it was so covered with dust and grime that Zametov could not have seen anything on it.
Now they perceived that she was a true Princess, because she had felt the pea through the twenty mattresses and the twenty eider-down quilts.
Think of the machine as the pencil and the quilt as the paper.
Quilt is an additional item besides their regular products of pillow and mattress, said a quilt maker at local market.