QUINTECQuantum Optics for Information Technology
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Techniks, along with NAP GLADU, is a new standalone company of Quintec. (800) 597-3921, TechniksUSA.com
Besides adding more of what stretch film needs - puncture and tear strength, stretchability, and cling - seven layers give Quintec freedom to develop products that never existed before, such as the first "quiet" high-stretch film.
Quintec's initial product slate includes a high-performance seven-layer film, dubbed QF1.
Quintec has applied for a patent on this low-noise film.
Quintec's 18-million-lb/yr line was built by Black Clawson Converting Machinery LLC in Fulton, N.Y.
Some of the products we use are sulfur; sterol inhibitors (Rally, Procure); strobilurins (Flint, Pristine) and quinoxyfen (Quintec).
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