QUOEQuality, User Needs, Ownership and Empowerment (National Health Service; UK)
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Let us return to the façade of Notre-Dame, as it still appears to us, when we go piously to admire the grave and puissant cathedral, which inspires terror, so its chronicles assert: quoe mole sua terrorem incutit spectantibus .
n., 1613); published also in Philippus van Limborch, Praestantium ac Eruditorum Virorum Epistolce Eeelesiasticae et Theologicae varii argumenti, Inter quas eminent ece, quoe a Iac.
(10) "[Q]uoe vidi, ostendi; quoe intellexi, docui; non celavi, non abscondi ea quae tu meis oculis revelare dignatus fuisti"; In Matt.
Citing Guy de Chauliac's sixteenth-century Latin sentence for instance, Morand imbued surgery with the dual nature of science and art while displaying his own learning and erudition: "chirurgia est duplex; docens quoe appropriatur nomine scientice, & utens quoe nomine Artis." ("Surgery is twofold: when it teaches, it takes the name of Science; as a practice, that of Art").(11) As Morand went on to craft a logically coherent and rhetorically sophisticated set of double descriptors for the aesthetic science and scientific art of surgery, he exalted the craft of surgery to the status of Enlightenment discipline.