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QUPQuantity Unit Pack
QUPQueen Unplugged Project (Queen tribute band)
QUPQuantum Protein Centre (Denmark)
QUPQuantity Unit Price
QUPQualNet University Program
QUPQueens University Players
QUPPosition Indicated By Light or Smoke Trail (radiotelegraphy)
QUPSaqqaq Heliport (Greenland)
QUPQuantificational Properties
QUPQualitäts-, Umwelt- und Prozessmanagement
QUPQualitative Uncertainty Principle
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(A reader for QUP once recommended that I turn the life story of Johnny Walker into a novel, Shaw 1991).
Toward the end of their article, which is about binding and the scope of wh words, they suggest analyzing the V-neg-V form as a morphological instantiation of the functional category QuP. QuP, as shown in (13) (Aoun and Li 1993: 235), is situated between VP and IP and is inspired by an analysis in Laka (1990), who introduces [SIGMA]P for the treatment of contrastive negation and narrowly focused constituents in Basque.