QUUHome Ship or Aircraft to Your Position (Radiotelegraphy)
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By utilizing Quu, the company notes, all messages and images can be featured on the air in targeted day parts.
"When they hear something they like, listeners can see it, remember it and take action!," Quu boasts, noting that "studies" show that when an audio ad is combined with a visual companion, the effectiveness of the ad is increased by more than 500%, resulting in a measurable increase in sales and a clear ROI.
Quu is founded by Joe Harb, who says, "Radio is heading in a great direction with the connected car.
Wherever *surcuk survives, vowel lowering has occurred: Uzb copcak (22) 'riddle, fairytale' (OTIL 2: 387, URS 551), Alt corcok (Baskakov and Toscakova 1947: 181), Qumandi corjek, corcok, corcok (Baskakov 1972: 269), Tuba corcok Baskakov 1966: 166), Quu corjok, corcok, sorjok, sorsok (Baskakov 1985: 223).
This word survives in Uzbek as ayu (OTIL 1: 564), in Kirghiz as uu (Judaxin 1965: 809), in Kazakh as uw (Bektaev 2001: 457) and in Xakas (Baskakov and Inkizekova-Grekul 1953: 127), Tuvan (Tenisev 1968: 321) and Quu (Baskakov 1985: 181) as oo.
Designed by James Speck of Cowboy Water Design, Quu and Tee are the only remaining members of two rival clans from another dimension.