QUVQuad Utility Vehicle
QUVQui Umbrae Venimus (gaming guild)
QUVRelative Magnetic Bearing (radiotelegraphy)
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A QUV accelerated weathering tester was used to accelerate aging of the eight selected tape samples.
QUV accelerated weather testing was also conducted by Polyfuze and Otto Environmental Systems on the new heat-fused graphic to simulate the damaging effects of sunlight and environmental conditions through alternating cycles of intense elevated UV light and moisture in a controlled environment.
4] nanocomposite coatings was tested in a QUV accelerated weathering tester (QUV/se, Q-Panel Co.
Se ha demostrado que la camara QUV provee un ambiente mas agresivo que el ensayo prohesion; por otro lado, desprecia factores importantes como la presencia de contaminantes (Yang et al.
The material performs well in accelerated G26, SAE J1960 and QUV weathering tests as well as in two-year outdoor exposure studies in Florida and Arizona.
The QUV UVA-240 lamp provides superior simulation of this short wavelength sunlight.
The QUV reproduces damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew.
The material is weather tested using a QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester, in which foils are exposed to more than 400 hours of UVA 351 ultraviolet lamps and humidity.
Blistering and rusting of the UV-exposed side of the QUV panels (R3).
com James Gauntner, sales manager Instrumentation: QUV accelerated Weathering tester, Q-Sun xenon arc test chambers, Q-Panel standard test substrates, Q-Fog cyclic corrosion test chambers, Q-Trac natural sunlight concentrator Services offered: Contract testing lab, accelerated weathering testing, outdoor weathering testing Qualitest USA, LLC 1323 SE 17th St.
The Delta E value from QUV exposure (Figure 4) was also examined.