QUVQuad Utility Vehicle
QUVQui Umbrae Venimus (gaming guild)
QUVRelative Magnetic Bearing (radiotelegraphy)
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A QUV accelerated weathering tester was used to accelerate aging of the eight selected tape samples.
QUV accelerated weather testing was also conducted by Polyfuze and Otto Environmental Systems on the new heat-fused graphic to simulate the damaging effects of sunlight and environmental conditions through alternating cycles of intense elevated UV light and moisture in a controlled environment.
form quv That included using Ravi Bopara and his gentle medium dobbers as a frontline bowler and it worked, even if his batting has gone to pot.
The surface wettability, surface morphology and composition, and long-term durability of the coatings were investigated by WCA analysis, field emission scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and QUV accelerated weathering tests, respectively.
A third powder coating (red curve 1) was exposed to artificial weathering using intensive ultraviolet radiation QUV (400 hours).
To stimulate photolysis that takes place during the natural weathering of polyethylene exposed to sun, chemically treated polyethylene pieces were subjected to partial photolysis in a QUV Accelerated weathering Tester (Model-GJ-032),China The polyethylene was subjected to a programme of continuous exposure to UV (312 nm) for 50hrs.
Appleton conducted UV exposure tests of LightSafe using a QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester.
Stimuli used in the experiment consisted of nine three-letter nonsense syllables (e.g., CUG, JOM, ZID, PAF, MEL, LEB, VEP, QUV, ROG) arbitrarily assigned as samples and comparisons and were presented in black Times 24-point font on a white background.
Fluorescent-source equipment called QUV Accelerated Weathering Testers from Q-Panel are the best known, and are the most likely to be found in printing plants that require durability testing.
The material performs well in accelerated G26, SAE J1960 and QUV weathering tests as well as in two-year outdoor exposure studies in Florida and Arizona.
Nhan Dang Cac Dac Diem Cua Khu Vuc Phi Chich Quv. (Identification of the Characteristics of the Informal Sector.) Hanoi: Labour Publisher.