QVMCQueen of the Valley Medical Center (Napa, California)
QVMCQuickVideo Multicast
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In the QVMC Advanced Surgical and Diagnostic Pavilion design process, EBD and sustainability practices were incorporated into the earliest conceptual design discussions.
Dennis Sisto departs QVMC after a period of unprecedented progress at the medical center.
For desktop users, viewing a broadcast with QVMC and taking advantage of its interactive features is as easy as watching TV.
For system administrators, QVMC offers an advanced, platform-independent solution that allows organizations to deliver the benefits of video multicast without requiring changes in the network architecture and without disrupting current network applications or operations.
QVMC has three components: QuickVideo Multicast Source (QVMC-Source), QuickVideo Multicast Player (QVMC-Player), and QuickVideo Multicast Recorder (QVMC-Recorder).
QVMC is a complete multicasting solution and can be used as a standalone system or as part of InfoValue's award-winning QuickVideo Suite -- a family of fully integrated software solutions that allow businesses and institutions to establish and manage their own video-enabled networks.
For installations with a large number of desktop viewers over a wide area, network managers can strategically locate multiple QVMC Recorders to record and support instant replay for users.
Based on an open architecture, QVMC is a turnkey solution that will work with most commercially viable real-time MPEG1 and MPEG2 encoders today and can be customized to meet an organization's future needs.