QVSFSQuestionnaire for Verifying Stroke-Free Status
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Participant was labeled as control [Group-A] when there was no history of HTN and no high blood pressure (more than 150/100 mmHg) on two repeated measurements, no angina according to WHO Rose angina questionnaire,18 no stroke as assessed by QVSFS,19 no history of DM, CKD, lipid disorder or medication intake.
1] Nonstandard abbreviations: Lp(a), lipoprotein(a); TOAST, Trial of ORG 10172 in Acute Stroke Treatment; LAA, large-artery atherosclerosis; SAO, small-artery occlusion; ME, undetermined due to 2 more causes (multiple etiologies); QVSFS, Questionnaire for Verifying Stroke-Free Status.