QWBQuality of Well-Being Scale
QWBQueens Wharf Brewery (Australia)
QWBQikiqtaaluk Wildlife Board (Canada)
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The statistical results are best described by the equation, SNB = SWB [not equal to] QNB = QWB, meaning that the only parameter influencing the microleakage of FS was the condition of the surface, with 'questionable surfaces' showing statistically higher leakage values than sound surfaces, regardless of the sealant type or use of a bonding agent.
Table 1: Study design with all experimental groups Sound (s) Questionable for caries (Q) With Without With Without bonding bonding bonding bonding agent agent agent agent SWB SNB QWB QNB Conseal[R] 10 10 10 10 (clear) Teethmate-F[R] 10 10 10 10 Conseal F[R] 10 10 10 10 Total 30 30 30 30 Table 2: Mean microleakage values of all experimental groups SWB SNB x [+ or -] sd x [+ or -] sd Conseal 0.
QALY weights were synthesized for each scale level both within and across dimensions from scores on HUI, QWB, and other scales.
Disab 15 108 Kaplan QWB 39 71 Sintonen 22-24 103 Am Med Assoc (clinicians) 85(*) 95(*) Carsten III (clinicians) 33(*) 93-100(*) Card 20(*) Bass (patients) 67(*) FCI (clinicians) 27-68(*) 91(*) (All respondents) 41(*) 100(*) Study Quadriplegia Paraplegia Green and Brown 109(*) 29(*) Torrance HUI-1 105 54-61 HUI-2 65-97 34-75 Rehabbed patients 65(*) 45(*) Kind et al.
The committee urged the commission to modify the Kaplan QWB public survey instrument to include more symptoms associated with mental illness, while at the same time pressing for all due speed in collecting the data for mental health.
In its first attempt to develop a prioritized list of condition-treatment (CT) pairs (which at that point numbered nearly 2000), the HSC used a mathematical cost-benefit formula in which QWB scores derived from the survey defined the degree of benefit associated with treatment outcomes.
Although explanations for these unacceptable results emphasize faulty cost data, QWB weights derived from the survey also provide a shaky foundation for such an important decision.
45) Here, as one component of the net-benefit analysis, QWB weights from the telephone survey came into play again, but only as part of the second criterion of a lexicographic ordering in which categorization came first.
Second, if scales such as ranked health-service categories or QWB weights are derived from broader samples, focus groups representing specially affected populations might be asked the same questions to test whether their values are indeed similar.
Contract Awarded for Independent expert urban design advice and industry expertise required for the proposed development for the QWB PDA, during pre-lodgment discussions and assessment periods for any development application or compliance request.
The design guideline embraces five themes: 'Distinct to maximise the advantage of our climate, creativity and heritage; Functional to drive great connectivity with the CBD and surrounds; Inviting to promote active and safe spaces and protect views; Integrate to ensure that QWB is very much a part of our city; Diverse to encourage active and versatile spaces like plazas and laneways, pedestrian and bicycle linkages, a riverside promenade as well as flexible large-scale event areas.
These amendments are an integral part of the QWB redevelopment and are consistent with our election commitment to create jobs and strengthen the economy.