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QWE have a commemorative plate that was accidentally dropped, broken, then glued back together.
QWE OWN our own home 50/50 as tenants-incommon and we also have mirrored wills.
QWE have a light oak front door and, despite being treated with exterior varnish, the wet has got into the wood and caused black marks.
Patrick Linke, professor of chemical engineering and managing director for QWE, said: "We're working on core problems within Qatar.
Research undertaken by QWE has been strongly supported by the State of Qatar.
QWE have solid bamboo worktops in our kitchen but they need constant rubbing down and oiling.
QWE MOVED to a loft apartment last June, but rainwater is leaking through our Dormers.
QWE were at a family wedding last week and I got drunk on champagne.
QWE have been invited to a late do, but since my little girl was born two years ago I have never left her with anyone at night.
QWE have lived in our 12-year-old flat for nine years.
QWE have removed the plaster from an internal wall to expose the bricks.
QWE are celebrating the Diamond Jubilee this year, but which part of the Union Flag represents Wales?