QWEBQuebec Wood Export Bureau (Canada)
QWEBQuality Web Enterprise Bureau (website certification)
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End users, on the other hand, can access QPAT, which uses the same data as QWEB, but has a different interface and price structure.
QWEB allows fast, high quality display of images such as logotypes and patents drawing and ensures security with search encryption.
In addition, QWEB provides users with a convenient, user-friendly menu to assist them in establishing and saving their search strategies.
You simply go to the QWEB front page, and instead of logging in, you click on a new option: "Order patents.
QWEB has added an HTML link, so that full PDF files are no longer e-mailed to clients.
After all, the launch of QWEB is little more than the release-finally--of the full Questel Orbit service on the Web.
QWEB is the Web interface that allows access to the merged databases of Questel and Orbit.
David Dickens, director of patent products at Questel-Orbit, said that the QWEB interface makes all of Questel-Orbit's 100 databases--covering patents, trademarks, technical and scientific information, and chemistry--available via the Web.
The new QWEB interface particularly supports fast, high-quality display of images such as logotypes and patents drawing.
All Questel-Orbit users can access all the service's databases via QWEB through the Questel-Orbit server located in France.
Questel*Orbit has a Web-based interface called QWEB that allows command-based searching of Questel*Orbit with the downloading of entire transcripts.
The Questel-Orbit system has gone "all-Web" with its new QWEB service (http://www.