QWFQuebec Writers' Federation (Canada)
QWFQuantum Wave Function (physics)
QWFQuit Working Forever
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theorem involving a QWF describing two quantum-entangled separated
influence and change the QWF and therefore the outcome of measurement on
of what you think of the QWF. Hence one might conclude from Bell's
have ontic definite-valued hidden states underlying the QWF which also
specification of a HV does not uniquely determine a QWF, the QWF is said
get the probability for result N for any QWF, [psi], we must calculate
to the chosen QWF, [psi], and integrate over all [lambda].
this a necessary step to proving that a QWF is an ontological function,
again assume that the QWF, |[psi]>, (either |N> or |E>) is
specific QWF, |[psi]>, orthogonal or not to any other QWF,
To prove or disprove whether or not any general QWF, |[alpha]>
ontic, you have to construct an argument showing that for any other QWF,