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QWIPQuantum Well Infrared Photodetector
QWIPQuantum Well Infrared Photoconductor
QWIPQuality of Water Improvement Program (Florida)
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In these cameras, software realizing the fast Fourier transforms and the cooled QWIP detectors are utilized, which work as spectroradiometers.
Camera sensors are available in three spectral bands: near, mid and longwave, with InSb, InGaAs, or QWIP snapshot focal plane arrays.
It specializes in cooled IR detectors based on a sophisticated high performance technology, Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) to which the InSb, InGaAs and QWIP technologies are now added.
The used infrared camera is the SC6000 (Flir systems) which is equipped with a QWIP detector, working in the 8-9 pm infrared band, NEDT <35 mK, spatial resolution 640 x 512 pixels full frame, pixel size 25 x 25 pm and with a windowing option linked to frequency frame rate and temperature range.
As QWIP photodetector technology is at an early stage of development, the relatively new type-II InAS/Galnsb (Indium Antimonide/Gallium Indium Antimonide) super lattice structure has potential to be an alternative to MCT in the long wavelength spectrum.