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QWIPQuantum Well Infrared Photodetector
QWIPQuantum Well Infrared Photoconductor
QWIPQuality of Water Improvement Program (Florida)
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In these cameras, software realizing the fast Fourier transforms and the cooled QWIP detectors are utilized, which work as spectroradiometers.
The thermal imagers provided by FLIR employ state-of-the-art QWIP (Quantum-Well Infrared Photodetector) infrared technology, which has been developed by FLIR's Sweden Imaging division.
The method now forms the basis of a commercial test kit for farm or elevator use, registered as the WheatRite test (QWIP Proprietary Limited, of Sydney, Australia).
Exxon last year broke the $3000 barrier with its Qwip 2210 Group 3 digital fax machine with a price tag of $2,995.
The used infrared camera is the SC6000 (Flir systems) which is equipped with a QWIP detector, working in the 8-9 pm infrared band, NEDT <35 mK, spatial resolution 640 x 512 pixels full frame, pixel size 25 x 25 pm and with a windowing option linked to frequency frame rate and temperature range.
As QWIP photodetector technology is at an early stage of development, the relatively new type-II InAS/Galnsb (Indium Antimonide/Gallium Indium Antimonide) super lattice structure has potential to be an alternative to MCT in the long wavelength spectrum.
Two cameras, including FPA QWIP second generation sensors working in the 8-9 microns with Stirling cooler, are the SC3000 of 320 x 240 pixels and the SC6000 of 640 x 512 pixels (FLIR systems).
Quantum-well-infrared -photodetector (QWIP) arrays can be tailored to absorb radiation in the long-wavelength infrared region from 3-20 micrometers.