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QWLQuality of Work Life
QWLQuality of Working Life
QWLQuantum Well Laser
QWLQuantity of Wet Lung
QWLQiumi Wrestling League (Germany)
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Following research examined the underlying phenomena of stress and QWL separately and together in various professions, organizations and sectors.
An improved QWL initiative helps to fulfill technical and social requirements of job in the organizations (Adhikari and Gautam 2010).
FFPs enrich the QWL, provide employees greater control over their time and reduce the interference and stress between work and family life (Porter and Ayman, 2010; Houle et al.
QWL passing employee involvement, quality cir- activities are designed to free workers to fulfill their productive function more effectively by opening up new ways for them to apply their energies to their work.
There is no gainsaying the fact that QWL is a key aspect in balancing the relationship between work, non-work and family aspects of life.
Relationship between QWL and level of job satisfaction--office staff
QWL is an umbrella term which includes many concepts.
Parker, Michael (1985), Inside the Circle: a Union Guide to QWL, Detroit, Labor Notes/ South End Press.
Research on Quality of Work Life (QWL) started in the early 1970s (Saklani, 2004) and studies on it are essential to help organisations identify gaps that could improve employee's QWL since high QWL could attract and retain employees (Sandrick, 2003).
QWL programs are ways in which organizations recognize their responsibility to develop jobs and working conditions that are excellent as well as for the economic health of the organization.
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