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QWLQuality of Work Life
QWLQuality of Working Life
QWLQuantum Well Laser
QWLQuantity of Wet Lung
QWLQiumi Wrestling League (Germany)
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Finally, the sense of job security, working conditions, meaningfulness, and job challenges, and the extent to which work maintains the psychological well-being of employees are all related to the quality of working life (QWL).
Total scores and subscores for QWL items were computed and reported using SPSS version 23.
In view of the reflected aspects, studies that propose to evaluate the QWL can apprehend essential elements in the working environment, subsidizing the establishment of programs and policies that aim to increase QWL levels among professionals, as opposed to the mechanistic work perspective (13).
QWL is a multidimensional idea which describes an employee's emotion regarding several aspects with respect to work.
Therefore, through the EAAQVT, it is questioned common practices of QWL that tend to suggest the worker preparation to support the most adverse contexts, instead of questioning the contexts themselves.
but also verify the importance of ethics institutionalization and QWL programs for business organizations in Thailand.
Quality of work life (QWL) influences the performance and commitment of employees in various sectors, including government, education, and health care [1,2].