QWMQuarterbacking while Mexican (Orange County Weekly article)
QWMQuasi-Optical Waveguide Modeling
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WisdomTree Canada has agreed to acquire all of the ETFs currently managed by QWM, representing approximately CDN 89m in assets under management.
QWM is an investment fund manager and portfolio manager.
By contrast, Baal is said to 'rise up' (qm)--regardless of how one translates the idiom qwm 'l, the base meaning of verb itself denotes movement upwards.
The damaged text does not really allow a definite translation, but mqm is not the Aramaic word for "place, position." It may instead be a pe'al infinitive from the root qwm. At 4Q531 17:8, the reading [CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]yly br[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], "hinds of the field" (p.