QWRGQueensland Water Recycling Guidelines (Australia)
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In addition, compared with the AIA group, there was a significant reduction in the expression of IL-1[beta], TNF-[alpha], and IL-16 in rats treated with 2.0 g/kg and 4.0 g/kg QWRG and DEX-treated rats (P < 0.05 or P < 0.01).
QWRG is a TCM compound, and it can dispel cold and relieve pain.
After the AIA rat model was successfully established, we explored the antiarthritic effect of different QWRG doses in the AIA rats.
In this study, the levels of AST and ALT were decreased in rats treated with QWRG. This result implies that QWRG can relieve the liver toxicity induced by AIA.
The results suggested that QWRG effectively reduced the severity of cartilage damage in the AIA rats, with statistically significant effects at 2.0 and 4.0 g/kg QWRG (Figure 3(a)).
This present study focused on investigating the lymphocytes and inflammatory cytokines in AIA rats in addition to exploring the pharmacodynamics of QWRG for a preliminarily inquiry of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of QWRG on relieving AIA.
In conclusion, our study revealed that QWRG effectively inhibited inflammation and cartilage damage in AIA rats.
Caption: Figure 1: Effects of QWRG on normal mice weight (animals received intragastric administrating with QWRG during 14 d; the values of weight are means, with their standard errors represented by vertical bars.
Caption: Figure 2: Effect of QWRG on synovium damage of rats with AIA (representative histopathologic photos of knee joint sections from different groups with H&E staining, taken from control rats, AIA model rats, QWRG-treated rats of 1.0 g/kg, 2.0 g/kg, and 4.0 g/kg, and DEX-treated group).
Caption: Figure 3: Semiquantified analysis of the protective effect of QWRG on synovium damage.