QWSQuantum Well Structure
QWSQualcomm Wireless Systems
QWSQt Window System (software)
QWSQuick Windows Sequencer
QWSQuiet World Sports (Jackson, MI)
QWSQuantum Wave State (physics)
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Caption: FIGURE 3: Reflectivity of 200-periodic QWs with presence of a strong pump pulse for (a) [In.sub.x] [Ga.sub.1-x]As/InP, (b) [In.sub.x] [Ga.sub.1- x]As/GaAs, and (c) [In.sub.x] [Al.sub.1-x]As/InP.
The process was applied on QWS 1.0 and QWS 2.0 datasets, containing approx.
The active region is assumed to contain three quantum wells (QWs) with well thickness, barrier thickness, and stripe width of 5 nm, 10 nm, and 5 [micro]m, respectively.
The first is the publicly available updated data set called QWS (http://www.uoguelph.ca/~qmahmoud/qws/ index.html), which comprises measurements of nine QoS attributes for 2507 real-world web services.
V-shaped defects [5-7] readily form at InGaN/GaN quantum wells (QWs) having high indium mole fractions, triggered by threading dislocations in the buffer layer.
Assessment can be often performed by the linguistic variables such as 'bad, 'poor, 'fair', 'good' and 'excellent, Several methods such as qualitative weight and sum (QWS) approach presented by Graf and List (2005) apply the symbols E, *, #, +, |, and 0 to express the values of the evaluated quality.
An ideal QWS with the fast axis parallel to the x axis has a matrix: [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], whereas the matrix of a QWS rotated by [??] = 45[degrees] will be: [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Designed specifically for Microwave frequency applications, the QWS 0500 offers protection for coaxial applications in these bands.
CPTs adopted in the present study locate in two of the three facies, which are: a clayey sand and clay facies deposited in fluvial to estuarine environments (Qwc) and a barrier sand facies (Qws).
Stenol CA-230 (Stepan) 30.00 Propylene glycol (Van Waters & Rogers) 1.00 PEG-150 distearate (Stepan) 0.80 Disodium EDTA (Dow) 0.10 Phase B Aqua Pro II QWL (Midwest Grain) 3.00 Aqua Pro II QWs (Midwest Grain) 2.00 Lauramine oxide (McIntyre Group) 3.00 AFF-Ocean (AFF International) 0.40 (fragrance) Potassium alkyl phosphate (Uniqema) 1.00 Rose hip extract (Brooks) 0.05 Chamomile (Active Organic) 0.08 Calendula extract (Active Organic) 0.05 Phase C Preservative q.s.
It is inferred from the experimental results that using the superlattice buffer will be beneficial for reducing the optical absorption of the injected free carriers in the QWs layers.