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QXLQuark Express Element Library
QXLQuixell (European online auction website)
QXLQuick Exchange Lamp
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However, the two genes, Tas2r49 and Tas2r3, were associated with bitter taste and were under directional selection between the QIN and non-QIN populations, showing no signal of directional selection between MIN and QXL populations.
Florissant, a consortium of two London businessmen, said it was bypassing the QXL board and would pitch its 800p-a-share offer to shareholders.
QXL floated on the London Stock Exchange in October 1999 and saw its value surge on the back of the tech boom.
The managing director of web-design company TAMBA advertised herself on the QXL site, saying: "So often, I have complained to my friends, family and colleagues I never have the time to meet any men.
After registering with QXL, users will be able to search and place bids for items offered by QXL.
His extraordinary performance as the CFO of the QXL Group speaks for itself.
Investors paid pounds 650 for each share of QXL at the time of its flotation in 1999, and recent takeover offers have still onlypushed the price back up to pounds 15.
ONLINE sales house QXL Ricardo is poised for an auction of its own after a new bidder threw its hat into the ring.
Online auctioneer QXL Ricardo has confirmed that it is involved in takeover talks.
THE most unusual Euro 2004-related souvenir so far is up for auction on QXL.
November 7 Interims: QXL Ricardo AGMs: Invox,Pochin's,
Bidders have until 10am on Friday, to place their bids on the auction site QXL.