QXPQuark Express Project
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(TSX Venture: QXP) has closed its purchase of all the shares of SRD Innovations Inc.
Markzware released Q2ID for InDesign Creative Cloud (CC) Mac/Win, an In Design plugin which supports the new Adobe InDesign CC version for the Creative Cloud, Markzware Q2ID can convert QuarkXPress to InDesign CC, the new Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud version, Data conversion is enabled with a single click and re-creates QuarkXPress QXP content within a new InDesign CC document, The Q21D Adobe CC plugin will convert QuarkXPress to InDesign CC, including such items as page positioning, fonts, styles, images, text attributes, tables, layers, blends, runarounds, linked text boxes, anchored boxes, Pantone colors and color models.
e([P.sub.1] + [P.sub.2],Q)= e([P.sub.1],Q)e([P.sub.2],Q), e(P, [Q.sub.1] + [Q.sub.2])= e(P, QXP, [Q.sub.2]), e(aP, [b.sub.q])= e[(P Q).sup.ab] ,
donde y es un vector columna de orden (npxl) obtenido por la concatenacion de las columnas de la matriz Y, a' y b' son vectores columna, (nqx1) y (qpx1) respectivamente, obtenidos por la concatenacion de las filas de las matrices A (nxq) y B (qxp), y [AB' I] = [I[cross product]]b' designa la concatenacion de columnas del producto de matrices.
QxP; 17 R-Kt1, Q-Q4; 18 P-QB4, KR-B1; 19 K-Kt1 or 16 ...
The company will start trading under its new trading symbol 'QXP' in the TSX Venture Exchange.
20 QxKt QxKt 21 BxPch An alternative is 21 QxP but White wishes to activate his R.