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Figure 9 from top to bottom: grid voltage; grid current; output current of microinverter; output current of synchronous generator (qZS inverter).
The qZS network, which is reasonable due to the extended voltage regulation along with improved reliability defines the dynamic behaviour of the inverter.
Parameter Value Input voltage range of synchronverter 220 V-400V Input voltage of microinverter 400 V Refernce power of microinverter 325 VA Nominal power of synchronverter 1 KVA-10 KVA LCL filter of synchronverter 560 uH; 0.47uF; 200 uH qZS networks parameters 0.45 mH; 1 mF LCL filter of microinverter 2.2 mH; 0.47 mF, 1 mH TABLE II.
Quasi-Zero-Stiffness (QZS) Vibration Isolation System.
Therefore, the force transmissibility of the QZS system can be written as
The way of series can only reduce the system stiffness, but it cannot achieve the QZS system.
"In partnering with Reza Hygiene, QZS has taken into consideration the solid reputation of the HAKO brand, manufactured in Germany, and supported by our 3S programme for service and maintenance," said Malcolm Palmer, Reza Hygiene's Gulf regional manager.
So next time you visit the mall and wonder at the pristine condition of the mall floors and the car parks, thank QZS and Reza Hygiene's HAKO equipment!"
QZS boasts more than 1,200 employees trained to British Institute Cleaning Science (BICS) methodology and is considered the fastest growing cleaning company in Bahrain.
This means that different direction of currents in the secondary winding leads to partial ripple compensation between the input currents of two qZS networks ([i.sub.L1] and [i.sub.L2]).
The proposed SL qZS network consists of three inductors ([L.sub.1]...[L.sub.3]), four diodes ([D.sub.1]...[D.sub.4]) and two capacitors ([C.sub.1] and [C.sub.2]).
In order to simplify the analysis it was assumed that the capacitors, inductors and diodes of the SL qZS network are lossless.