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QISQuality Improvement Scotland (National Health Service; UK)
QISQuantitative Impact Study
QISQUALCOMM Internet Services
QISQuantum Information Science
QISQuality Information System
QISQuality Integrated Services, Inc.
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This bill would require QIs to provide a 10-day notice for a change of ownership or control, fidelity bond coverage of $1 million, $250,000 error-and-omission coverage, and separate escrow accounts for client funds.
The 28 QIs we consider, often called the Nursing Home Quality Indicators, are provided to nursing homes through the National Automated Quality Indicator System and used by regulators as a preliminary step in the certification process (Castle and Ferguson 2010).
html will enable downloading all QIS forms and other valuable information.
The QFCA said that work on creating the system that will form the basis of QIS is reaching an advanced stage and a number of international insurance and reinsurance firms are working with QIS to ensure that it meets the needs of the insurance industry and helps to develop insurance and reinsurance in Qatar and the Middle East region as a whole.
QI 3 Prevalence of behavioral symptoms affecting others
The ratings are consistent with the demands for more stringent measurement properties when QIs are used for public reporting than for surveyors or for internal quality monitoring.
The 24 QIs were developed as the foundation for a national analytic reporting system based on MDS data.
These QIs have been developed to provide a foundation for both external and internal QA and quality-improvement activities.
The Quality Indicator Survey, or QIS, is being developed under the auspices of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and is in the final stages of a demonstration project.
Use of separate escrow or trust account: Most QIs do not put the exchange funds into a separate trust or escrow account, which could protect the funds from creditors.