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QOEQuality of Experience (TMF; also seen as QoX)
QOEQuality of Experience
QOEQueen of England
QOEQuality of Earnings
QOEQuality of Event (Ford)
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shown in Appendix A (a solution commentary is included), and students are asked to briefly develop evidence supporting a judgment about the company's QOE.
These "more formal" definitions of QOE show that QOE is not a unitary concept, that there are several ways of defining QOE, that there are valuable aspects in the student-generated definitions, and that QOE, inherently, is contentious and is therefore difficult to define.
Beginning the course with an extended interchange focused on QOE definitions and the explicit rhetorical character of QOE definitions, including their equivocality, encourages students to develop self-confidence about their perspectives and their potential for creative engagement with socially-important accounting issues.
First, we distribute a handout summarizing current concerns about QOE in order to firmly establish the importance of the construct.
We give them about 20 minutes to read the case and make some parenthetical remarks about QQE, then ask them to caucus in groups of three or four for another 15 minutes in order to develop evidence supporting a tentatitve "high," "medium," or "low" QOE judgment, as well as a list of "what other information would you like to have?
If we use a case that contains standard Intermediate topics such as pension accounting, for example, the effectiveness of using this material as part of a QOE enculturation strategy at this crucial first part of the course is virtually defeated as the students' attention would be somewhat overwhelmed with technical accounting questions.