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QOMQueen of the Mountain
QOMQuestion of the Month
QOMQuick Ontology Mapping
QOMQueued Output Match (semiconductor function)
QOMQuality of Management
QOMQuery-Oriented Model (Extensible Markup Language)
QOMQueen of the May (girl chosen queen of a May Day festival)
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4), e incluso las menciona al describir la tecnica, los materiales qom anteriores a 1940 disponibles en los museos bonaerenses y asunceno presentan a lo sumo un achatamiento de la parte inferior, excepto en una vasija antropomorfa.
This quarter is considered one of the main areas of open immigration in city of Qom, since its creation in the 50s has had a high growth rate has experienced.
Iran only acknowledged the facility at Qom after its existence became known.
Desde los comienzos de mi trabajo de campo entre los qom del Chaco argentino a finales de 1990, pude apreciar que la lectura de la Biblia, los cultos evangelicos y las curaciones con la Palabra de Dios constituian una parte importante de la cotidianeidad de mis anfitriones.
Natanz, the building of a heavy water reactor in Arak, the hiding of the Qom
The managing director of NGSC indicated that the Qom storage tankers hold the capacity of storing 1.
Khamenei in the second half of 2010 visited Qom four times in less than two months to bridge differences between theologians there and the Tehran regime.
Methodology: In this retrospective descriptive study the data were collected from medical records of 892 patients with infectious diseases admitted to the Fatemieh Hospital in Qom during summer 2007 (22 June through 22 September).
Gradually, from then on, the IRGC marginalised both Qom and Najaf and quickly built up its military/business complex with the help of its puppet Ahmadi-Nejad.
Sources in both the Iraqi holy city of Najaf and the Lebanese capital of Beirut have confirmed reports released Monday that due to a fall-out with the Iranian regime, Shiite cleric and militia leader Muqtada al-Sadr is mulling a move from Qom, in Iran, to somewhere in Lebanon.