QONQualified Object Name (Oracle)
QONQuestion on Notice (Australian Parliament)
QONQueen of Nassau (Islamorada Key, Florida)
QONQuasi-Optical Network
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The QON system often works at the peak absorption frequencies to measure those compositions on the microwave radiometer, such as the water vapor absorption lines have some center frequencies at 183.310, 323.826, and 325.152 GHz [9-12].
The QON can assist in the initial assessment and ongoing monitoring of changes in students' perceptions of nurses.
Proposicion 4: En un duopolio diferenciado, cuando las empresas se enfrentan a una demanda lineal, producen con costo marginal constante e identico y no utilizan incentivos gerenciales, en un equilibrio de Nash perfecto en subjuegos las empresas nagocian contatos en el mercado forward, indepmdientemente de si los bienes qon sustitutos o complementation
Improvements in quality of sleep (QOS) the night before and morning alertness (BFW) were assessed using the Leeds Sleep Evaluation Questionnaire and changes in sleep quality (QON) reported on five categorical unit scales.
In other words, the vision of life centred on the earth, a vision held by the original inhabitants before the conquest and the arrival of Christianity, had already been revealed by our gods, whether Apu Yaya, Wiraccocha, Qon Titi, Yompor, Pawa, or whatever they might be called: "Our experience of deprivation, exclusion and of cultures centred on the earth becomes the main source of our theological enterprise in the framework of the good life for all living beings and creatures".
QOn the other hand, does being together as a band for so long lead to a sort of creative and musical telepathy?
Qon, the consideration of further sanctions "has begun."
QON the boat to our holiday in Spain last year, I sat up reading while my husband and the kids went straight to bed in our cabin and got talking to a Spanish long-distance lorry driver who took the seat beside mine.
Abdel Rahman Qon, a burly man with a bandit's mustache, lives there in a cement-block home covered by a patchwork of tin and asbestos panels.