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Amdocs (NYSE: DOX), a supplier of digital retailing software, today (13 August) announced the release of Qpass Retail Suite 7.5, the latest version of its digital content retailing platform.
According to the company, Personalise Skype, which Qpass runs as a fully managed service, allows Skype users to customise and download pre-recorded music, voice clips and ringtones.
PRODUCTS: Qpass Operator Suite, On-Network Solution.
A Someone could certainly integrate Qpass with RichLink, and use the RichLink capability to direct people to the other content.
The Qpass Digital Commerce Service, the industry's only cross-site transactional platform for the marketing, sale and distribution of digital content and services on the Internet, enables the sale of premium, pay-per-use and subscription content online across a full spectrum of price points and business models.
Factiva, a Dow Jones & Reuters company, joins other industry-leading information providers and Web sites such as The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, The New York Times on the Web, Forbes.com, Corbis, Los Angeles Times and Morningstar in selecting the Qpass digital commerce transaction platform for the sale of premium digital content and services.
* Online marketing experts Aleta Thompson, of Qpass, and Rosalind Resnick, of NetCreations Inc.
So-called micropayments solutions offered by companies such as Qpass allow shoppers to accrue several small purchases before charging the lump sum to their credit cards.
Paying for digital content online is a key market for QPass, CMGI's Cha!
TheContentMarket.com, a distribution model which is integrated with mobile search engines, has been introduced for potential mobile content providers by Qpass, a digital commerce software and solutions company.
QPass, a security company, has revealed that due to a loophole on some ringtone websites many consumers have been able to download ringtones completely free of charge.
The company's product line is designed to encompass the entire digital supply chain, which should provide a formidable content commerce solution when combined with that of new parent company Qpass, a U.S.-based provider of mobile commerce software (Lutz serves as new European general manager).