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QuBICQuantum and Biologically Inspired Computing
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Chris Papa, the Managing Director of Qubic, said, "For the average size business, the consequences and associated costs of such a total system failure may not be as enormous as that of RBS but the impact on customer service may be just as telling.
The 22-year-old, a recent graduate from Leeds University, will be managing information about Qubic Tax's range of services, including co-ordinating strategies to raise awareness about the firm, as well as managing the firm's website.
Huntingdon-based Qubic's managing director Mark Ambler and his fellow shareholders sold the business for an undisclosed sum.
Shah, 35, is little-known outside his home city of Mumbai, where his Qubic Sports and Entertainment group is based.
Heidi Qubic, prosecuting, said that in July last year O'Gorman, disguised in a hat and large sunglasses, had waited in a queue at a branch of the NatWest in Kings Heath High Street.
He also founded Qubic, a nationwide organization comprised of 12 independently owned TPAs.
Solved games include Nine Men's Morris (Gasser 1995), Connect-4 (Allis 1988), Qubic (Allis 1994), Go Moku (Allis 1994), and 8 X 8 Domineering (Breuker, Uiterwijk, and van den Herkik 2000).
The same applies to Qubic, a three-dimensional version of tic-tac-toe played on a 4-by-4-by-4 lattice.
The second quarterfinal match will be played between Klair Xl and Abdul Aziz Trading and the winner will be playing against Qubic Rent Car Team on May 17.
Meantime in the CDFL Qubic Print Division Two, Jake Harrison grabbed a great hat-trick for Hooton Rangers Reserves as they doubled up on Wirral Villa 4-2 with Joe Frodsham netting the other goal.
The significance of the PWC deal is the team effort behind it says Tony Hordon, senior director, DTZ "In order to accommodate PWC it required the relocation of DTZ, Qubic Tax, together with Arts Council for England," said Hordon.