QuICQuality of Informed Consent
QuICQuick User Intuitive Communications
QuICQuick UDP (User Datagram Protocol) Internet Connections
QuICQuality Interagency Coordination
QuICQuantum Information and Computation (education; various schools)
QuICInternational Summer School on Quantum Information and Control (National University of Ireland; Maynooth, Ireland)
QuICQuantum Analog Computation
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Sarah Quic found the love letters hidden under the floorboards of her house RICHARD SWINGLER
Although Google is still mum on the subject, a user going by the name Baba Jahedmanesh said that this was a protocol error caused by 'Experimental Quic' change in the settings.
Ar[eth]ur sende sonde [??]eond al his kinelonde, | and to cumen alle hehte [thorn]at quic wes on londe | [thorn]a to uihte oht weoren wepnen to beren; | and whaswa hit forsete [thorn]at [thorn]e king hete, | [thorn]e king hine wolde a folden quic al forbernen.
QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections, pronounced quick).
To estimate the large network efficiently, we used QUIC [19] to solve sparse inverse covariance estimation (formula (1)) instead of glasso [7].
Horn is marked to be "al quic flen" (85) by the Saracens before he is set adrift.
size to they the And some of the more elaborate items are also not suited to the quic k cosnot suited to the quic k costume-changes required tume-changes required between scenes.
CREDO IN DEUM Lli quein Dios ef quic, ech ech aipeec, cucia, eeiz caix copaec, aiegeen lliquein oncegco giornaio giung eiz, inceich qiec lesu Cnristo can ang pceccedo, Espiritu Santong ssap meen, eng e polenic, namtop que muno Santa Mariang pol en quichn Ponqio Pilatong ssap mceen rronom gcec nontop.
(34) <<Ia Trinitatis personae q_ copet/it dominium regit hominem/nec illi deessa permit_ quic qua/quod ad salutem eius>> (Las personas de la Trinidad, a quienes compete el dominio, rigen al hombre y no permiten que le falte nada que este relacionado con la salvacion).