QUICQuantum Information and Computation (education; various schools)
QUICInternational Summer School on Quantum Information and Control (National University of Ireland; Maynooth, Ireland)
QUICQuantum Analog Computation
QuICQuality of Informed Consent
QuICQuality Interagency Coordination
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Sarah, who clinched gold at the Athens and Beijing Olympics, has her sights set firmly on London 2012 and the QuIC team will be supporting her every step of the way.
Each group of projects addressed different aspects of the priority topic areas and methodological issues identified by the QuIC and Summit research agenda.
Other feature include quic, precise REd Dot aming, rain mode, internal EED display and external LCD range and function display.
But it didn't, and we got hit by two quic goals, again, both sloppy on our part.
Again very dangerous especially if you are working on the M6 where, if you're in the fast lane, you will earn more because you paint quic
Given a canny front-running ride, he quic kened away approaching the furlong marker before readily holding off nearest pursuer King's Bastion.
One visitor, when asked if he would sign the petition demanding that plans for the Fourth Graceare scrapped,muttered his excuses and, apparently a midgreat embarrassment, quic kly shuffled off.
Liturgiologists have quic kened the understanding of devotional values, and even the historical soundings of this field have enriched the inner life of contemporary worshippers and believers.
She departs again and Longstreet quic kly resumes his fun only to be startled by the lovely Vulnavia standing before the screen.
He or she must stay very flexible to adapt to changes quic kly and continuously gain new skills to be competitive.
It is possible that in the face of international competition, areas of competitive advantage will be revealed, but domestic firms will need to quic kly restructure their production processes among other things.
The improvements will also allow the compressors to be brought up to and down from test speeds quic ker, improving the time it takes to load a model into the test cell, run it, remove it, make design changes, and run it again.