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QMQuality Management (Pentagon Renovation Project)
QMQuality Management
QMQuantum Mechanics
QMQuarter Master (Boy Scouts of America)
QMQuality Manager
QMQuadratmeter (German: square meter)
QMQuality Manual
QMQuomodo (In What Manner, How)
QMQueensland Museum (Australia)
QMQuality Matters (online course certification)
QMQuartermaster (US Army branch)
QMQuartermaster (USN Rating)
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QMQuotation Mark
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QMQualification Motor (US NASA)
QMQualification Model
QMQuantitative Macroeconomics
QMAir Malawi (IATA airline code)
QMQuota Manager
QMQuantum Magnetics
QMQuadrature Modulation
QMQuickmind (web based education intervention tool)
QMQuinn-Martin Productions
QMQuantum Modeling
QMBritish Long Range Radio Aid to Navigation (US Navy)
QMQuery Mediator
QMQuantitative Materiel Development Objective
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It is shown that if certain essential broadband noise performance goals are met, the use of direct quadrature modulation can have a significant impact on reducing size, weight and power consumption of mobile phones.
The model RF9958 transmit IC integrates three functions into a single QSOP-28 package: quadrature modulation, variable-gain amplification and upconversion, as shown in Figure I.
With quadrature modulation, the ideal phase difference between I and Q signals is 90 [degrees].
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