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QDRQuadrennial Defense Review (US DoD)
QDRQuad Data Rate (Memory Technology)
QDRQuad Data Rate
QDRQueda de Rins (martial arts)
QDRQuality Deficiency Report
QDRQualification Design Review (aviation)
QDRQuality, Durability and Reliability (Toyota Motor Company)
QDRQuarterly Data Report (various organizations)
QDRquantitative digital radiography
QDRQuick Dump Rinser
QDRQualified Dispute Resolver (commerical mediation)
QDRQuality Discrepancy Report
QDRQuality Deviation Report
QDRQuarterly Demand Rate
QDRQuality Design Review
QDRReciprocal Magnetic Bearing (opposite of QDM)
QDRQuintin Design Resources (Missouri)
QDRQuick Disaster Recovery (open source software)
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Both the new National Security Strategy and the 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review underscore the need for a strong missile defense capability," he said.
This uncertain future remains the baseline concern behind our inputs into the Quadrennial Defense Review as well.
In the House Armed Services Committee markup of the defense authorization, members restored S100 million to the Air National Guard, recommended prohibiting retirement of any B-1 Bs until Congress receives a new national security strategy in the form of the Quadrennial Defense Review, and "various other studies.
We think that we've modeled this somewhat successfully in the Quadrennial Defense Review.
One of the personnel management tenets contained within the 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review is developing a competency-based personnel management infrastructure on both the military and civilian sides of the house, she said.
DOD is currently performing its Quadrennial Defense Review, which will examine defense programs and policies for meeting future requirements.
That is a subject that will be front and center in our Quadrennial Defense Review.
The Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) will be submitted on time, but it will be incomplete.
The committee notes that it received testimony from the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) Independent Panel that, although useful, the QDR needs to be a long-term, twenty year study that addresses the issues that are of concern to Congress.