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QUADROQualified Domestic Relations Order
QUADROQueues and Delays At Roadworks (software)
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According to SPECviewperf11 OpenGL Benchmark test, mobile Quadro K3100M graphics card is more efficient than desktop Quadro 5000 card; while running under Solidworks gets 150% superior test result.
The NVIDIA Quadro CX is available from NVIDIA resellers for USD1,999.
Suitable for processing doughs with a short or long proofing times the Quadro Round's gentle treatment allows the processing of soft doughs with an absorbtion of up to 70%.
Since the launch of the NVIDIA Quadro Plex VCS at SIGGRAPH 2006, demand for the product has far exceeded our expectations," said Dan Vivoli, senior vice president, Marketing at NVIDIA.
In 1990, Quadro expanded its vision of quality into new markets and applications with the Ytron[R] line of mixing and emulsifying equipment.
The Nvidia Quadro M5500 houses 2048 CUDA cores, up from 1536 cores in the Quadro M5000M.
The new Quadro lineup lets users interact with their designs or data locally on a workstation, remotely on a mobile device or in tandem with cloud-based services.
Quadro will operate as an independent but integrated unit of Sagentia, the buyer noted.
6 March 2013 - UK technology consulting firm Sagentia Group PLC (LON:SAG) said it had taken over domestic product design management specialist Quadro Design Associates Ltd, without disclosing the value of the deal.