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to more than 15,000 units nationwide, with $2 billion-plus in invested projects, and created a signature impact investment and development business model whose quadruple bottom line puts profit on par with purpose, people, and the planet.
The work being done on the CoCo San Sustainable Farm has a quadruple bottom line - social Equity, Educational, Environmental and Economic.
We are investing in a 10-nation strategy in Africa for solar energy, with a quadruple bottom line return for investors.
And each provides a triple or quadruple bottom line to the community--generating revenue, employing workers and preserving valued assets while enriching our planet and lives.
The quadruple bottom line (QBL) social responsibility model is also relevant.
This could mean simply ensuring the highest standards in normal business practices, persuading the company to consider a quadruple bottom line which includes a high degree of corporate responsibility and spirituality or supporting a colleague who would like to establish a dedicated prayer room.
THE Quadruple Bottom Line - Spiritual is the title of the latest Tuesday Talk at St Philip's Cathedral - from 1.