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QMSQuality Management System (ANSI term)
QMSQuality Micro System
QMSQuality Management System
QMSQuality Measurement System
QMSQuadrupole Mass Spectrometry
QMSQueue Management System
QMSQuality Micro Systems
QMSQuartermaster Sergeant (British Army)
QMSQuartermaster School (US Army)
QMSQueen Mailing Service
QMSQuick Mail Service
QMSQuinte Mohawk School (Ontario, Canada)
QMSQueens Medical Center
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The parameters of ten kinds of metabolites detected by triple quadrupole mass spectrometry Metabolites CE parent ion (m/z) ion (m/z) Dipotassium D-Glucose-6-phosphate 135 259 139, 169, 199 Aspartic acid 135 132 71.2, 88.1 Citric acid 135 191 111.0 D-Frutose-6-phosphate dipotassium 135 259 139, 169 salt Pyruvic acid 135 87 43.0 Succitric acid 135 117 73.1 Isocitric acid trisodium salt 135 191 73.1, 167.1 hydrate Glutamic acid 135 146 84.0, 102.1 2-ketoglutaric acid 135 145 57.1, 145.1 Fumaric acid 135 115 71.0
Ritieni, "Evaluation of beauvericin and enniatins in Italian cereal products and multicereal food by liquid chromatography coupled to triple quadrupole mass spectrometry," Food Chemistry, vol.
Collision Induced Dissociation (CID) of fluorotelomer alcohols (FTOHs) was studied by triple quadrupole mass spectrometry in both Electron Ionization (EI) and Negative Chemical Ionization (NCI).
(2) were carried out on a quadrupole mass spectrometry system that has far lower resolving power than the FT-ICR instrument used in the report by Nepomuceno et al.