QUAHQuantification of Auditory Handicap
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Quah and Vahey (1995) defined underlying inflation as the component of inflation that is due to shocks that do not affect output in the long run.
Algunos de los mas destacados trabajos sobre las TIC y sus implicaciones en la economia del conocimiento han sido desarrollados, desde un punto de vista sociologico, por autores como Quah (1996), Castells (1996), Kling y Lamb (2000), Torvalds (2001), entre otros; y desde un punto de vista economico por Harhoff, Henkel y von Hippel (2000), Lerner y Tirole (2000), Weber (2000), Himanen, Torvalds y Castells (2001), Maignan, Pinelli y Ottaviano (2003), entre otros.
4) This has become known as Galton's fallacy, and it has been used to warn against drawing unwarranted conclusions from cross-country regression analyses with respect to the evolution of the dispersion of productivity levels across countries (see, especially, Quah 1993b; Durlauf and Quah 1998).
En cambio, cuando aplica el metodo propuesto por Quah (1995), el resultado que obtiene es que debido a factores geograficos, los departamentos del Peru siguen dinamicas distintas entre si, y que en el pais coexisten al menos dos (pueden ser hasta ocho) regimenes economicos que convergen a distintos estados estacionarios.
Quah, who came to CERDEC from the private sector, scoffs at the notion that the military is dragging its feet when it comes to fuel cells.
La reaccion, propuesta por los articulos de Quah (1993, 1996a, 1996b, 1997) fue demoledora e irrebatible: no existe convergencia a una distribucion unica, todo lo contrario, los paises ricos cada vez seran mas ricos y los pobres cada vez mas pobres.
Second, Singaporeans tend to be dual users of both Western allopathic medicine and traditional medicine (Bishop, 1994; Quah, 1989).
Quah and Simpson provide a new econometric method for studying clustering that explicitly takes into account such spatial relations, motivating the analysis with a theoretical model of dynamically evolving spatial distribution.
Quah at the London School of Economics has pushed Boldrin and Levine's model in a number of directions to test its robustness and applicability.
The Singapore civil service today is a far cry from what it was during the colonial period because of changes in the basic assumptions or values that influence the behavior of its members today," noted Quah (1994, 215).
These restrictions may take the form of contemporaneous exclusion restrictions as in Sims [1980] and Bernanke [1986], or long-run neutrality type restrictions as in Blanchard and Quah [1989].
12) One problem mentioned by Blanchard and Quah is that the unemployment rate is not stationary.