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QDQuaque Die (Latin: Daily)
QDQuand (French: when)
QDQuick Disconnect
QDQuantum Dot
QDQuick Detachable (firearm accessory)
QDQuantum Design (various locations)
QDQuickDraw (Macintosh ROM program)
QDQuantity Discount
QDQuarter Deck
QDQuantity/Distance (explosives storage)
QDQuestioned Document (legal)
QDQueuing Delay
QDQuestionable Data
QDQuotient de Danger (French: Hazard Quotient)
QDQualified Data
QDQuad Damage (gaming, Quake 3 Arena)
QDQuantity Distance
QDQuattuor Dimensionis
QDQuality Denial (Wikipedia criticism)
QDQuantum Data, Inc
QDQuadrupole Doublet
QDQuasi Dicat (Latin: as if he would say)
QDQuery Detection
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Now we are discussing replacing some qualified data items with other unqualified ones.
The qualified data should be classified and stored as files, named by the number of a single hand or the scanned area.
"Mashreq Property Mart is a portal where you can find a qualified data base of prospective sellers and buyers with a variety of financing options.
A new Colorado law allows tax exemptions for the development of qualified data centers.
Partners with a qualified data center and cloud practice can achieve a Master Cloud Builder Specialization regardless of certification level.
A filter changes original contextual data to qualified data according to QoC criteria.
A system has to ensure responsible use of data, protect privacy of research participants, and treat "all qualified data requesters and trial sponsors evenhandedly" requiring both generators and requesters to work according to the same rigorous scientific principles.
"In 2011, the global output of data increased 62%, yet there's a massive shortage in the number of qualified data professionals to process this data," says Sharmila Shahani-Mulligan, CEO and a founder of ClearStory Data.
The qualified data advisors at the centre will also assist customers with operating systems where the correct settings on laptops are essential to ensure reliable wireless connectivity for MMS and video calling.
The gap between the demand and supply of qualified data analysts was perceived highest for retail and consumer goods companies.
"The key first steps to be taken include hiring qualified data scientists and big data professionals, whose numbers are disproportionately low to the high interest in the market and are, therefore, in high demand.
Most Level 1 and Level 2 merchants hired PCI qualified data security companies (QDSCs) for assessments, according to the survey.
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