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QMHPQualified Mental Health Professional
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GET HELP--Call a suicide prevention center, crisis intervention center, mental health clinic, physician or other qualified mental health professional, hospital emergency room or outpatient clinic, clergyman, or talk with a reliable family member.
Upon the filing of a petition, the judge, or a magistrate upon reliable information from or after consultation with a qualified mental health professional designated by the community services board, shall determine whether there is probable cause to believe that the respondent meets the commitment criteria set forth in [section] 37.
1:3, the judge, or a magistrate upon reliable information from or after consultation with a qualified mental health professional, may issue an order that the respondent be held in protective custody pending the preliminary conference required by [section] 37.
The evaluator, or a qualified mental health professional who conducted the preadmission screening or who participated in the independent clinical evaluation, shall be present and may be called as a witness by the respondent, by the petitioner, or by the court.
The independent clinical evaluator, a qualified mental health professional who participated in the evaluation, or any other expert witness may testify at the hearing as to the information upon which he has based his opinion, if the information is of a type ordinarily relied upon by mental health professionals in forming opinions about a person's mental or emotional condition.
The psychiatrist who conducted the independent clinical evaluation does not attend, but the qualified mental health professional who prepared the preadmission screening report does attend and is cross-examined by Bill's attorney.
The sample consisted of 129 qualified mental health professionals recruited from a number of e-mail lists or groups (e.
Its highly qualified mental health professionals evaluate each young person's needs and recommend programs and resources to help the teen and the whole family.
Online therapy has been defined as "any type of professional therapeutic interaction that makes use of the Internet to connect qualified mental health professionals and their clients" (Rochlen, Zack & Speyer, 2004).
Staffing at the center includes 24-hour licensed nursing care, physician supervision, qualified mental health professionals, certified substance abuse professionals and transportation staff.
But the court denied summary judgment for the remaining defendants finding it was precluded by fact issues as to the adequacy of the policy governing suicide watches, that did not require qualified mental health professionals to clear an inmate from a suicide watch.
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