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The company stated that the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authority Council (AFAC) and the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) have listed FireIce on its Qualified Products List (QPL), which will allow first responder agencies to purchase and use FireIce for combating fires in their respective regions.
The qualification process demonstrated that Alcatel's test data comply with the requirements defined by the Bluetooth(TM) Special Interest Group and the product has been added to the Bluetooth(TM) Qualified Products List (QPL) on the Bluetooth(TM) Qualification Program website http://qualweb.
a Bluetooth baseband IC and solution provider, has announced the qualification of their Bluetooth Profiles MicroStack and is listed in the Bluetooth Qualified Products list.
Products are submitted for consideration, demonstrated in a city manhole, and evaluated by the committee which decides whether to include it on the city's Qualified Products List.
If a solicitation refers to a Qualified Products List (QPL), Standard Products List (SPL) or a manufacturers name and product, any Offeror offering products not referenced in the solicitation must submit as part of their Offer materials specifications/descriptive literature for the non-referenced product.
The DesignLights Consortium (DLC)'s new Qualified Products List will serve as a resource for program administrators looking for approved SSL products to include in their state's energy-efficiency incentives for commercial customers.
According to data supplied by the Energy Star program, as of May 1, there are 8,894 Energy Star-qualified fixtures listed on the qualified products list.
Tyco Electronics' MICRODOT brand RF connectors have been added to the Defense Logistics Agency's Qualified Products List (QPL) 39012/55 and 39012/59.
Dunlop is said to be the first tire manufacturer to have a performance-rated light truck tire approved for listing on QPLZZ-381, a federal qualified products list.
Presolicitation: Provision of Department of homeland security trace detection qualified products list.
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