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Tech Biotechnology and food processing - physics, chemistry, math or biology in the qualifying examination.
The areas emerged out to be improved were: Lesson planning before going to classrooms, use of A.V aids in classrooms, use of activity-based teaching, university qualifying examination, basic physical facilities in colleges, computer laboratories in colleges, co-curricular activities and college resources
Readers studying for certification through the emergency medicine qualifying examination will find here 24 chapters outlining the American Board of Emergency Medicine core curriculum.
Comparing achievement on the medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination Par I of students in convencional and problem-based learning curricula.
In addition to those who pass a qualifying examination, people with experience of working as regular state-paid secretaries for a certain period are eligible to become policy secretaries.
IN 1997 the Alaska legislature mandated that the Department of Education and Early Development (DEED) prepare and have administered the High School Graduation Qualifying Examination (HSGQE).
Placement in the dynastic schools, where the individual prepared for future examinations, became the stepping-stone for the final local qualifying examination, which was required for the triennial provincial examinations.
Arai and Jayakrishnan, who met for the first subcabinet-level meeting on IT issues, agreed that the two nations will work to align their domestic qualifying examination for IT experts, they said.
Specifically, he said he will propose a joint initiative to train IT specialists in the region under a common qualifying examination for data processing experts modeled on one that has been in place in Japan for 30 years.
The foreign designation should have requirements deemed substantially equivalent to the Uniform Accountancy Act's minimum recommended requirement of 1) a baccalaureate degree with at least 150 semester hours of study; 2) a professional qualifying examination (comparable to the Uniform CPA Examination); and 3) professional experience of at least one year.
However, in the decade before the inception of the CGFNS qualifying examination, a staggering 85% of the 82,000 FNGs who immigrated to the United States during this period failed the SBTPE (Maroun & Serota, 1988).
Other ECG education and a qualifying examination are emerging as useful discriminators in some settings.