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QCAQualitative Comparative Analysis
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QCAQuality Control Analysis
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The book began as a training course that Kahwati and Kane developed for staff within their organization RTI International, and they could find no suitable guide to qualitative comparative analysis within a broader context of mixed methods research.
Qualitative Comparative Analysis. We utilized QCA methods with an expanded set of indicators to systematically identify factors associated with PCMH recognition outcomes.
Set-theoretic methods for the social scienc es: A guide to qualitative comparative analysis. Strategies for social inquiry.
Wagemann, "Reducing complexity in Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA): Remote and proximate factors and the consolidation of democracy," European Journal of Political Research, vol.
"On the Duality of Cases and Variables: Correspondence Analysis (CA) and Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)." Pp.
"Understanding Mills via Mill-type methods: An application of qualitative comparative analysis to a study of labor management in southern textile manufacturing," Qualitative Sociology, Volume 18, Issue 4, pp.457-478
Fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis (fsQCA) and related methods are used within management research as a means to discover combinations of conditions (or management practices) that sufficiently explain a certain outcome, but, because these methods have been developed within the context of cross-country studies with small and medium-sized samples, they have proved difficult to interpret in the context of management studies, where sample sizes typically exceed 100 cases.
(30) Es de notar que Ragin inicialmente evita las siglas--la expresion Qualitative Comparative Analysis o la abreviacion <<QCA>> no se encuentra en su primer libro (Ragin, 1987).
Successful Access of New Users to Water Resource: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis. [Submitted for Publication].
Its main shortcoming is the lack of a strategy for qualitative comparative analysis. There is no clear specification of the problem Hopkins wishes to analyze and how the cases vary along that dimension.
Among their topics are why research methodology in strategy and management remains as important as ever, videometric measurement of individual characteristics in difficult to access subject pools: demonstrating with corporate executive officers, how visual methods can enhance the understanding of strategy and management, an integrative review of qualitative strategy research: presenting 12 Designs-in-Use, and qualitative comparative analysis in entrepreneurship: exploring the approach and noting opportunities for the future.
Qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) is a method of configuration analysis, which is a case-based comparative method.
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