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Syed, Pang, and Sharifuddin (2002) discuss an application of the qualitative process theory in chemistry classes.
Our approach to modeling is to create a student-friendly visual notation for qualitative process theory (Forbus 1984) and create a software environment that helps students express their qualitative, conceptual models as an aid to learning.
The vocabulary they use to build models is based on qualitative process theory.
Dynamic changes in fields (for example, because of heat flow) are captured with a spatiotemporal extension to the qualitative process theory (Forbus 1984).
Within AI, there are methodologies, prominent among which are qualitative reasoning and qualitative process theory (QPT) (Sun 1994; Raiman 1991; Davis 1990; de Kleer and Bobrow 1984; Forbus 1984; Kuipers 1984), that provide effective tools for dealing with interval-valued types of perception-based information.
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