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Throughout the technical presentations on advances in qualitative simulation, we discussed the practicality of automatically transforming quantitative and qualitative models during the course of reasoning.
Legend Associated diagram or method 1 Formulation Requirements and system context by Use Case 2 Synthesis Architecture, Block Definition and Internal Block diagrams of models 3 Analysis Butterfield's paradigm and Parametric diagram 4 Evaluation Qualitative simulation and comparison with reference, Parametric with external simulation algorithm 5 Documentation Modules for automatic documentation (XMI.
Qualitative simulation capabilities will be implemented so that the evaluation and backtracking facility acquires more talent.
While simple, this qualitative simulation method is very appropriate for middle-school modeling tasks.
Inference of behavior from structure: Many systems require as an input a purely structural description of a scenario (in terms of interrelated objects), build a behavior model automatically, and generate a behavior description either by qualitative simulation or as a comprehensive representation of all possible behaviors.
The second coach uses qualitative simulation to help students see how well their model predicts what they are trying to explain.
Knowledge Representation and Qualitative Simulation of Salmon Reed Functioning.
The section entitled Domain Abstraction and the Computation of Qualitative States and the section entitled Qualitative Simulation are concerned with the following questions, respectively: How can we compute the qualitative states of a system at a given time point?
Much research in the field of qualitative reasoning has been devoted to the questions of representation of qualitative models and to qualitative simulation algorithms that derive qualitative behaviors from given qualitative models.
Qualitative simulation continues to be a key research topic and contribution of the qualitative reasoning com-munity.
Automatically Generating Tutoring Questions for Qualitative Simulations.
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