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Mathematical properties of QLSs have been studied extensively (Trave and Dormoy 1988), and interesting notions such as qualitative rank and hard components have been defined, in relation to the problem of solving QLSs to compute the qualitative state of a system (Trave and Kaszkurewicz 1986; Trave-Massuyes, Dague, and Guerrin 1997).
Determining the qualitative state can be performed at each time slice independently by checking the qualitative model against the observations for consistency.
Time points are defined as the instants at which the qualitative state of the system changes; that is, at least one variable or derivative reaches or leaves a landmark of its quantity space, as illustrated in figure 9, on the variable plots of the bathtub simulation.
The section entitled Domain Abstraction and the Computation of Qualitative States and the section entitled Qualitative Simulation are concerned with the following questions, respectively: How can we compute the qualitative states of a system at a given time point?
This behavior can be stated qualitatively as a sequence of three qualitative states of the three variables (table 1).
GENMODEL will generate the possible qualitative constraints among the three observed variables and find that three of these constraints are satisfied in all three observed qualitative states.
Let us grant that states composed by artificial neurons could have performed the psychological functions of our actual qualitative states.
He notes that a sudden blindness, for instance, does not prevent subjects from describing this catastrophic change in their qualitative states.
One doesn't have to be an Externalist, or even a Representationalist, to credit the claim that qualitative states are representations.
My qualitative states would be the same when looking at fire engines and grass as they were on Earth.
Clark's strategy is to use the rich and interesting work on multidimensional scaling pioneered by Nelson Goodman in The Structure of Appearance to provide "topic neutral" characterizations of qualitative states such as (appearing) red, smelling like lilacs, and tasting salty; his goal is to develop individuating descriptions of these states that conform to our intuitions about the similarities and differences among them.
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