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Although, various interesting reviews and applications have been recently published, it is noted that the potential application of multivariate spectroscopic methods has not been adequately explored for quality control operations of food products.
Quality Assurance is an audit system and procedure for all elements of the Quality Control Operations.
The company combined its airport security and manufacturing quality control operations last year.
will be used by Nutriceutical Resources for the production and quality control operations for its melatonin and other nutritional supplement product lines.
Contract award: service quality assurance and quality control operations for gathering and processing 2d and 3d seismic data in projects on land and sea
You did not [establish] [follow] written procedures for quality control operations.
LiteSheet Solutions LLC, an LED light-emitting diode manufacturer will establish assembly, testing and quality control operations in a present 4,000square-foot facility in the Forest Road complex with plans to establish a more permanent location in the county in the next 2 years.
Requires implementation of quality control operations to ensure the quality of a dietary supplement;
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