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QCSQuadro Comunitario di Sostegno (Italian: Community Support Network)
QCSQuick Change System
QCSQms Color Script
QCSQuality Control Superviser
QCSQuality Control System
QCSQueensland Core Skills (exam for Australian schools in Queensland)
QCSQuality Customer Service (DISA)
QCSQuality Certification Services (Ohio, USA)
QCSQuality Certification System (various organizations)
QCSQuality of Care Standards (child welfare)
QCSQuisqueya Christian School (Port-au-Prince; Haiti)
QCSQuincy Community Schools (Quincy, MI)
QCSQuality Control Supervisor
QCSQC Solutions (semiconductor test equipment manufacturer, Billerica, Massachusetts)
QCSQueen's Colour Squadron (Royal Air Force ceremonial squadron)
QCSQuinte Computer Services, Ltd (Ontario, Canada)
QCSQuality Computer Services, Incorporated
QCSQoS Customer Server
QCSQuest Cyber Solutions
QCSQuinte Counselling Services (Ontario, Canada)
QCSQuality Control Schedule
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Evaluation for quality control system conformity in concordance with the specified producers recommendations;
Melvin Leong, research manager, Energy & Environment Practice, Asia Pacific at Frost & Sullivan said, 'This astounding performance is a testament of its holistic focus on providing complete air quality control system solutions such as flue gas desulphurisation, selective catalytic reduction, gas-gas heater, and electrostatic precipitator.
These projects are part of Alliant Energy s plan to invest in air quality control systems at its newer, larger and most efficient generating units.
In the smallest offices, CPAs are using some system, such as checklists, workpapers, files or other procedures to document their quality control system.
In a move to ensure even greater attention is paid to audit firm quality control systems, the SEC Practice Section issued guidance for U.
Also based on the five elements of a quality control system, the document concentrates on establishing responsibilities for tax matters within a firm.
In February, the AICPA announced plans to establish requirements for the implementation of mandatory quality control systems for Big Five firms to enhance compliance with existing independence rules.
The CD CATS MS6 system integrates the state-of-the-art Kodak PCD writer 600 with Audio Development's quality control system, setting a new standard for high-speed, high-performance compact disc testing, according to Kodak.
The acquisition of the new quality control system is part of a project to rebuild the mill's BM 1 that produces core board and boxboard.
The guidance draws from existing professional standards established by the AICPA and covers the elements of a firm's quality control system that conceivably could be affected by the addition of new clients or personnel.
The Qualiscan QMS-10A is an on-line quality control system, designed to monitor and control critical processing parameters (by measuring principle) such as: weight per unit area (radioactive absorption), weight of applied coating (radioactive absorption), moisture (infrared light, radio frequency) and thickness (laser triangulation).
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