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QDSQuery Directory Service
QDSQuery Data Source
QDSQuery Driven Simulation
QDSQuality Data Statistics
QDSQueue Data Structure
QDSQuality Data System (software)
QDSquater die sumendus (Latin: four times a day; prescription medicines)
QDSQuantum Dynamical Semigroup (mathematics)
QDSQuick and Dirty Solution
QDSQuality Diagnostic Services
QDSQuestionnaire Development System (trademark of NOVA Research Company)
QDSQuarter Degree Square
QDSQuery Directory Search File (Microsoft file extension)
QDSQuote Dissemination System (NASD)
QDSQuantum Digital Security Pty. Ltd.
QDSQuaternary Direct-Sequence
QDSQantas Defence Services Pty. Ltd. (Australia)
QDSQuality Distribution Service
QDSQuantitative Decision Support, Inc. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
QDSQuicklook Data Set
QDSQuantum Denoising System (Image reconstruction filter in computer tomography systems)
QDSQuery and Display System
QDSQuanta Data Storage
QDSQuarter Degree Sheet
QDSQuasi-Dynamic Scheduling
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