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So take that on board, along with the following top tips - and you might just find your life contains more fun and quality family time.
A great room and open kitchen equips every home for quality family time and entertaining, with nice features such as a bonus room, cafe, oversized lanai, den, formal dining room, loft, or breakfast nook, per plan.
REESE Witherspoon has revealed she is taking a break from Hollywood to savour some quality family time.
Until more is known about its impact on child development quality family time is encouraged, either through unplugged family time, or a designated family hour," added Radesky.
He loved to be around his family and would look forward to spending good quality family time together.
00 - I wake up to enjoy some quality family time with my wife and three children before getting their lunches packed and ready for school.
BARRETSTOWN offers parents an escape from the pressures of everyday life and to get some quality family time.
Even when families do get together, more than 62 per cent say the quality of time spent is not great as most of it is spent either in front of the TV, doing homework, reading, playing computer games or some other tasks that don't qualify as quality family time.
THE pressures of being a working parent are eating into precious quality family time as a survey reveals more than two-thirds (69 per cent) work during their summer holiday.
It gives them and their families the chance to leave the capital for other parts of the Kingdom or the option to travel to favorite destinations overseas for quality family time," said Abu Abdulaziz who works for a publishing firm.
At Holiday Inn Resorts, parents can find that balance between spending quality family time with their kids, whilst also having that adult break to recharge their batteries.
Members of the clergy are worried this may be a precursor to a permanent change which could hamper quality family time - and may stop some people attending church.
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