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Mr Coveney has a key role in the area of market access for beef and sheep meat and discussed the potential of Ireland as a supplier of high quality food products to the Middle Eastern state.
Higher quality food products as the result of less cellular damage
The agenda includes talks on "boosting dialogue" on the organic food equivalency arrangement and the agreement on quality food products.
Al Hajri, Chairman of Hassad Food said, "We are very excited about this acquisition which is a strong testament that Hassad Food is on the right track towards achieving its vision in becoming a leading global provider of high quality food products.
It also makes for higher quality food products due to less cellular damage, plus improved capacity, higher yield and longer shelf life.
Our vision is to meet the world's changing lifestyle needs for affordable, tasty and high quality food products.
In the food manufacturing and processing sector, it is recognised as the Middle East's leading purveyor of quality food products.
Consumption of high quality food products dipped during the financial crisis, but we managed to maintain sales and continue growth with large nationwide customers" says Susie Moller Hjorth, president and CEO.
Since 1948, Sugar Foods Corporation has built loyal, long-term relationships with its customers by providing an extensive line of quality food products, featuring some of America's most recognized brands.
International marketing and trade of quality food products.
This guide features a selection of high quality food products available to consumers in French high street fine food shops and stores, and also to chefs through specialised wholesalers - including beef from Yorkshire under the brand of Yorkshire Select Beef.
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